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Sylvie di Giusto is an engaging Keynote Speaker, CorporateTrainer and Image Consultant who helps organizations & professionals to make a powerful first & lasting impression.

Does your weight affect your career?

It’s often a dreaded conversation and one we do not always like to think about. But seriously, does your weight affect your career? When clients contact me because they feel uncomfortable with their weight, I honestly tell them that they must do two things that may seem to be contradictory. You must accept your body [...]

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Free yourself from color themes

Similar to body shapes, many image consultants still group their clients into categories like “warm autumns” and “cold winters.” This is not only out-dated, it's really just an oversimplification. First of all, it’s very possible that you’re in one color group depending on the place and climate you were born in. Simply said, people from [...]

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Why body shapes are irrelevant and useless

Many image consultants talk about body shapes. They categorize clients into different physical groups, and give their shapes hilarious names such as apples, pears, and bananas. I do not work with those shapes at all. First of all, who wants to be a full moon? And second, these categories absolutely fail because the requirements of [...]

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Confidence starts with your birthday suit!

Let’s start our discussion about confidence by ignoring all the stuff you can buy at a department store, and talk about the outfit you were born with. When talking about this with my clients, most of them agree that confidence begins with your attitude towards the body you inhabit. Tall or short, fat or lean, [...]

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What does your digital footprint say about you?

Your digital footprint is how you present yourself on the Internet. As we move into the twenty-first century, this factor that once existed only in science fiction is becoming increasingly important. Like it or not, the Internet and social media provide new avenues. You can either advance your professional imprint and or incur damage to [...]

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Do you communicate effectively?

Communication is sharing information and ideas between individuals or groups to reach a common understanding. With so many personalities, ideas, and an overload of information in the workplace, effective communication is a challenge for business owners, CEOs, managers, and employees. Effective communication is a business tool and essential employee attribute. A company knows [...]

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