While you still will feel “yourself”, you’ll meet a new version of YOU during this 2-day initial consultation and makeover session.

“Sylvie is incredibly professional and insightful and offers suggestions that are unique to the individual but in keeping with the gold standard for professional life. This is an incredibly worthwhile investment for any individual or for a corporation looking to invest in key talent.” Denise Dick, Vice President at Pall Corporation


Sure, you can just sit back and hope it’s something great.
However, over the years I’ve learned it’s better to craft the way others are going to perceive you,
rather than to sit back and hope it’s going to be great.

By booking this service, you join the most successful people who are continually looking for ways to improve their personal and professional image. Together with my team I provide this high quality image consulting service in a timely and cost-effective manner. As a result, I believe in making the process simple yet effective. Therefore, this service requires that you first complete an online image assessment, which is a comprehensive questionnaire designed to help you uncover your strengths and weaknesses in the areas of your appearance, behavior, communication and digital footprint.

The conclusions from this assessment will result in hand-picked and personalized recommendations which form the basis for the personal session with me. Afterwards, my team of hair stylists, make up artists and photographers, who value the same high standards of quality, will bring your professional goals and image aspirations into reality. What you’ll take with you is not only a boost of self-confidence, you’ll also get a professional makeup and hairstyling service as well as all of your pictures in a digital high quality format.

You can receive life long access to a comprehensive online program featuring the most relevant parts of your consultation and offering additional tips and tricks, checklists and regular updates. Last but not least, there is the option to invest in yourself on a long-term base and add monthly meetings or calls and a virtual closet for half a year to your consultation. You’ll also receive access to a private community where you can ask questions and support each other throughout your journey of becoming the leader you deserve to be.

Did you ever ask yourself…

  • What story does my image tell the world?
  • What first impression do I make on others?
  • Do I use my assets to their ultimate possibilities?
  • Do I represent myself and my company in the best possible way?
  • Does my visual image hold me back from the many opportunities I might have?
  • Do I take enough care of myself and invest regularly in myself?
  • Does my appearance really make a difference?

But here is how you should feel every single day…

  • You should have an expert in your personal and professional life, who tells you the truth, understands your challenges and guides you through your transformation.
  • You should feel excited every time you see yourself in the mirror, on pictures, on stage or just in your imagination, and enjoy the compliments you’ll receive from others.
  • You should be excited about the money, the time and the effort you save in the future. There are other places you’ll be able to invest it.
  • You should feel and speak confidently about yourself, and love yourself just a little bit more than everybody else does.

Some of the consequences, if you don’t invest in your professional image.

  • Distraction from your hard work, your knowledge, your experience and your talents.
  • Missed opportunities for promotions, job offers or sales opportunities with clients.
  • Limited performance since your image also affects your own psychological approach to work.
  • Tense relationships with your employer in particular if a professional image is critical to them.
  • Disrespect from others because they think you don’t deserve to be in this role.

Some of the most common mistakes that I see all the time.

  • Not knowing what others think about you and trying to build a reputation from this impossible position.
  • Forgetting about investing in yourself although you are the most important person in your life.
  • Wasting money, time and efforts by endlessly trying to figure out a style, a brand, a story to tell without knowing the personal and professional requirements.
  • Constantly finding excuses like money, time, weather, location, audiences etc. for not appearing, behaving and communicating in your best possible version.


“Sylvie di Giusto is the real deal. Many may call themselves “style consultants” or “Image consultants.” She packages people as the leaders they are and want to be. She does it with focus and grace. I am honored to have been her canvas.”
Jess Todtfeld, Chief Executive Officer, Success in Media
“The experience of working with Sylvie surpassed my expectations and her toolkit provided a wealth of knowledge with a sense of accomplishment that was achieved through a conversation, making the results sticky, permanent and self-reinforcing.”
Viriginie Glaenzer, Vice President, Great Eastern Energy
“Sylvie gave me the framework I needed to create a holistic strategy for my image that aligns with who I am, and my ambitions for life. Thank you Sylvie for pointing me in the right direction!”
Laura Davis | Partner & Investor, RENEW Strategies


During your initial consultation…

  • You will spend the first day exclusively with Sylvie, who will meet you in New York City; either in your home, your Hotel, a Studio or any place that offers some kind of privacy.
  • During the morning you will analyze the results of your online image assessment. You’ll better understand why people judge you in a specific way, and create an action plan “of” what to change in order to be perceived in your preferred way.
  • During the second half of the day you might head out: For some clients a visit at a tailor is required, others need to do some shopping. With other clients we stay and work on the way they present themselves on the web. Each client is unique, and so are the challenges.
  • On the second day you are going to meet the rest of Sylvie’s team. We’ll start with a professional hair dresser/groomer who will help us to accentuate your best facial features. A professional Makeup artist will teach and prepare you also for your big shoot. One of the most talented photographers in this city will take you on a visual journey taking pictures of you in natural day light at some of the most iconic places in New York.

During your initial consultation you WILL NOT…

  • You will not work with someone who counts minutes or hours. While Sylvie is aware that other consultants charge based on an hourly fee, for her there is only one thing that counts: Results. Will the first day take 3 hours to get your desired results. Maybe? Will it take 10 hours? That’s fine too. Sylvie won’t let you go before you aren’t absolutely happy, and that’s why she needs you to block an entire day in your busy calendar too.
  • You will not be called an apple or pear shape, and you won’t be draped with color scarves around your shoulders. While it’s important to understand what flatters you and what not, Sylvie uses a modern and up-to-date technique to teach you just that.
  • You won’t receive simple “how to look younger, thinner, or more fashionable” advice. Sylvie is an expert in Executive Branding and therefore only works with people in the corporate world or in the public eye. It’s what she does best. So if your are looking for just a fun shopping tour through New York with your girl friends, she might not be the right fit for you.


That’s great. I’m going to do that when I have more money,
when I’m not so busy, when someone else might help me with this.

But here is the truth. The way you perceive yourself, and the way others see you is probably not getting better. It’s likely getting worse. So if you truly believe in yourself and want to represent yourself in the best possible way, meet me and my team. Let’s get started on the exciting journey of reaching your highest image potential.

“For years I have known exactly the look I wanted to create, but I just wasn’t getting there. Enter Sylvie! First and foremost, she is a kind, lovely person who is sensitive to your needs during the process. Her system and expertise is rock-solid and from our initial conversation, I knew I was in good hands.”
Donna Cutting, Chief Executive Officer, Red Carpet Learning
“I saw some amazing sights in New York and had an experience to remember, but to be honest…my time with Sylvie was the most memorable and a real highlight of my trip. Her advice and guidance had made a tremendous difference and I look forward to engaging her services again in the future.”
Troy MacMillian, Managing Director, TWD
“After you’ve landed the job the dressing part and how you present yourself remains important, and that’s where brilliant Sylvie comes in and definitely helps you build your image accordingly so you can stand with confidence and in an appropriate manner.”
Filipe Diniz, Manager Digital Channels, Oi S.A

Frequently Asked Questions

Service must be paid in advance via the online payment form. I accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. Please do not send cash or checks through the mail, I do not accept cash or check payments for or during the consultation.
No. I accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards, as well as having the option to pay via PayPal.
Paypal offers a secure and convenient payment system. However, you do not need a PayPal account. You will also be able to pay with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. Or, you simply log in to your existing PayPal account. All PayPal orders are subject to credit card authorization and verification with the credit card holder and issuing bank.
Yes. Immediately after you have purchased your package you’ll receive an invoice via e-mail. Please keep, save or print the invoice since this service is tax deductible (consulting fees).
No. Services must be paid in advance.
They can use a company credit card for payment. If this is not possible, please reach out to set up a bank transfer.
No, I do not offer any discounts. My goal is to make high-quality consultations available at the best price, and to treat every customer equally. There’s no guessing or uncertainty around what you’re buying and how much it costs.
Yes. Each product can either be purchased with a one-time payment, or via a convenient monthly subscription plan.
Yes. All our services are available as a gift certificate for that special person in your life or as a bonus for an employee. Please send an e-mail to say-hi@executive-imageconsulting.com.
You’ll have to pay for your hairdresser appointment (I cannot calculate this into my packages since the requirements of each client are so different. Some clients only need to be styled, some require colorations ranging from single to double process etc.). Although I live and work in New York, I have access to high quality yet affordable hairdresser services. You’ll pay anything between approx. $90 to $200. It’s up to you if you’d like to add a tip for them. In addition, you’ll have to pay for clothes that we might purchase while shopping for you.
No your costs  to come and stay in New York are not included in my services. You’ll have to add airfare, hotel and meals. However, I often go out with my clients to celebrate their huge success and will make sure you receive an unforgettable red carpet service during your stay.
I work with a variety of clients and your wealth status isn’t really important to me. What counts is that you are willing to invest in yourself. I just help you to look and feel your best. By all means, we can reach this goal on many different budget levels.
Services are not refundable for any reason. No exceptions.
Time is one of my most valuable resources. If you have to cancel an appointment, please immediately call me and send a written cancellation note to say-hi@executive-imageconsulting.com. Cancellations are accepted up to 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Any cancellations less than 72 hours of the appointment will incur a 50% cancellation fee. You shall book your appointment within 3 months after purchasing. If you are not able to schedule your appointment within 3 months you’ll receive a gift certificate with the same value redeemable for any of my services then offered on our website. There are no refunds possible.
Consultations usually happen in your home or Hotel. A space that provides some kind of privacy is required. We will talk about very personal topics and I prefer not to have those conversations in public, e.g. in a restaurant.
Yes. You can either reach out to me and ask if I’m near you during the next months, because my speaking engagements often bring me to the most wonderful places. Or, you can sign up for my e-learning program at www.howtoimpress.com. It also offers options to meet with me virtually.
Yes. If you want me come to your home town we can coordinate your consultation there. However, you’ll have to cover my airfare and hotel costs. Or, please reach out to me to ask f I’m near you during the next months, because my speaking engagements often bring me to the most wonderful places.
If you travel to New York you can stay wherever you prefer. I live and work in Downtown Manhattan close to Wall Street, in case you want to choose a Hotel close to me. However, I can come and join you anywhere in the city.
It depends on your specific needs. However, the average consultations take anywhere between 4 to 8 hours per day. I highly encourage you to take off the entire day for your consultation to make sure we have enough time and can spend it effectively.
You’ll receive immediate access to an online image assessment on my website. This questionnaire has three parts and includes a series of questions regarding your body image, style preferences, career and lifestyle goals. It will take you around 2 hours to answer all of them. I’ll need the results of this questionnaire at least 72 hours prior to our appointment in order to prepare your customized consultation.
You’ll receive an e-mail including a link, username, password and instructions.
You’ll receive an e-mail including a link, username, password and instructions.
You’ll receive an e-mail including a link, username, password and instructions.
It’s important for me, and even more for you, to take you through a transformation. I’ve offered simple consultations without the makeover service in the past and experienced in many cases that clients – once left alone – do not have the time or courage to go through the entire transformation. Most of them came back to set up another meeting. Therefore, I’ve decided to the advantage of my clients to not offer a simple consultation that will be limited on theoretical advice alone.
I work with a team of different providers. Each of my clients is different and so are their requirements. That’s why I’ll connect you with the best possible fit. Unlike other image consultants I do not take provision from any provider and therefore have the freedom to choose whoever is best for you.
I prefer to work with my team. After years of doing makeovers together we work like a well-oiled machine. It still excites me to see that often we understand each other without saying a word.
No, please wait until we are going to meet and decide what would be the best change for you.
I shop at a variety of department stores, specialty stores, tailors and boutiques. It’s dictated by your personal style choices, your individual professional goals and your budget. However, unlike other image consultants I do not take provisions from anyone and therefore have the freedom to bring you wherever it is best for you.
Yes. In a perfect case I’d see every single piece in your closet. But it isn’t always perfect, right? If it isn’t possible for me to see your closet, we can definitely make other arrangements. For example, I usually ask clients to bring 4 different outfits they have to put together to their consultation.
I never overrule your personal preferences, instead I help you to discover your hidden potential and your true self. I might recommend an adjustment, simply based on the specific requirements of your industry, profession or career goals. However, have no fear. You’ll look different, but you will still be yourself.
I work with Professionals only. Executives in the corporate world, business owners, politicians, professional speakers are usually my clients. If you are an individual looking for a fun shopping tour without any specific career background and goals, I might not be your best partner to work with.
Please take a look at the testimonials featured around this page, or head over to Testimonials (link to https://www.executive-image-consulting.com/testimonials) where you’ll find feedback from many happy clients.
Each of my clients is unique. Your visual changes will happen immediately during the makeover session. Other changes – This depends upon your needs and your individual experience with an image consultant. Often, visual changes are immediate. Other changes, such as confidence level and communication skills, sometimes take more time.
As soon as you book your service you’ll receive access to my online calendar. You’ll immediately be able to pick your first appointment at the next opening that fits into my and your schedule. However, I’d recommend to plan at least 2 or 3 weeks in advance.
Your image is like a puzzle, which includes your appearance, your behavior, your communication skills and your digital footprint. While your appearance is very important and therefore the first area we will work on, we will also analyze and work on the other areas.
I wish I could. No. Maybe I don’t wish that. Next to my professional life I have the great pleasure to raise two wonderful children. And while I have worked on weekends, nights and holidays in the past, I made it my commitment to invest this time in them and not my business. If you have ever raised children in your life, I know you’ll understand. I promise you we will find another day to work with each other.
Look out for the contact form. There is a small tab on the right hand side of my website.  Just click it and you can send me any questions you might have and I will be happy to answer them.