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Sample sales are one of those typical things bargain hunting New Yorkers love. But instead of lining up at some unglamorous hour for the privilege of shopping in a crowded showroom, you should also consider joining some online flash sales. Flash sales help people to save money on designer clothing (and many more things). Daily, limited-time, and limited-quantity private sales events for discounted luxury designer brands make shopping even more fun. Here is a list to help you get started saving money at flash sales.

Nr Store Name Website Luxury Level Address Phone Email App Social Channels
1 BELLE & CLIVE $$$$$ Fashion District at 42 West 39th Street 212.944.8000
2 GILT $$$$ 2 Park Avenue, 4th Floor 646.679.1656
3 RUE LA LA $$$$ 888.992.5252
5 HAUTE LOOK $$$ 264 West 40th Street #1400 888.547.8438
6 FAB $$$ 855.767.7322 SUPPORT@FAB.COM
7 MY HABIT $$ 137 5th Avenue 718.399.7467
8 BEYOND THE RACK $$ 8 West 40th Street 8th Floor 877.733.4660
9 ZULILY $$ 888.826.6564
Lists are being provided for our clients and readers as a convenience and for informational purposes only. Neither the content itself nor the order within the list represents our endorsement or personal opinion about those products or services. We made an unbiased selection because both this vibrant city and Internet websites have so much to offer. The list makes no claim to be complete or updated daily. Some of the providers above are trusted partners we have worked with while others have been recommended by our valued clients. And some of the links have been found via internet research or by simply walking past their shops. Executive Image Consulting is not responsible for the accuracy, legality, or content of the external sites.

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